13 July 2011

Herbal Blessings

A cup of herbal tea can bring health and vitality. Herbs can calm us when we are anxious, soothe our soul when we are grieving, and lift our spirits. Herbs heal our bodies, minds and emotions. They can also heal our spirits.

When disease is looked at through a wholistic viewpoint, we see that the physical state often follows the thoughts and emotions. Physical disorder comes when the whole being is out of harmony. If we refuse to look at an issue in our life or develop negative views and thought patterns, illness often follows. In wholistic medicine, the cause of a disease is always a starting place to look when treating a person, and it is when these thought patterns and issues are faced that healing begins on a deeper level.

Herbal medicines have been used since the dawn of time and are very effective in treating physical ailments. The success of a well-prepared herbal prescription can also come down to the spiritual properties of the herbs. When taking any herb, or any other substance, it has a spiritual effect on us. The vibration of the plant will effect your own vibration. The herb will not only heal your body, but will work towards healing the mind and the spirit. Often when someone is on an herbal preparation for a long time, due to illness, the effect on them can be profound. The healing experience goes beyond the physical experience, and shifts can be made in their thoughts, emotions and spiritual journey.

Each herb has it's different qualities and can be used in various ways to help us to find our spiritual path and remove blockages we may have that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Spending time contemplating and meditating on the herbs can help to open your intuition and lead you to what ones to use. The herb use should be based on the activities you are about to undertake. Using an herb that will bring you into awareness and help you focus would be great in the morning when you are starting your day. At night something that brings you into a quieter mood is more appropriate.

Using herbs on a spiritual level can be done as simply as using herbs for any physically ailment. Having an awareness of the herbs you use in your life can help enhance their spiritual use. Using an herb in its most readily available form is usually the best way to use it. When you look at a herb or think about it, try to get an image of what it will do for you. Look at the colours of the plant and the flowers, are you using roots, leaves, seeds, stems or flowers? What shape is the plant or parts of, what do they remind you of? These things can help lead you to what it is useful for, both physically and spiritually.

The simplest way to use herbs is as an infusion, made with boiling water. Use the purist water you have available for this purpose. Using the sun to infuse your herbs is a slow but effective way to draw out spiritual properties. You may need to leave your herbs in water in natural sunlight for most of the day. It is best to use clear glass and cover it will glass also and leave in a warm sunny spot. While fresh herbs are always the best for this, you can also use dried, visual the fresh whole plant as you prepare your tea.

The herbs you use in cooking can also reflect the spiritual properties. Think about which herbs you are using and what spiritual properties you wish to enhance. The food will take on the spiritualty properties of the herbs. If you are cooking for your family or a group you may want to consider which herbs will promote unity and peace among those enjoying your cooking.

Burning herbs had been used for centuries in rituals. This is also another way of getting in touch with the herb. The smell of the burning herb generates the fire element within a person, which brings greater insight. You can create your own "tea ceremony", with the drinking of tea, followed by the burning of the herb as you meditate. Bathing in an herbal infusion can also be beneficial

As you more regularly use herbs with reflection on their spiritual properties and influence in your life you will become more in tune on their effect in you. Herbs can help you to come to know yourself and move forward on your own spiritual journey.

Red Clover imparts calm and steady behaviour and helps you to become more self-aware and self-contained. Red Clover has a unique ability to be grounding without causing you to 'come down' psychically or emotionally. Emotions can be made more conscious, allowing for greater expansion. A deep feeling of letting go can be experienced.

Sarsaparilla, clears mind of negative emotions, eases communication of intimate thoughts and feelings with clarity and courage

Plantain can be useful for someone to work with when they are depressed because they cannot accept something they cannot change. It encourages stability and allows opportunities for growth. It helps to release negativity and blockages we created in our selves that prevent us from moving forward. It is a cleanser, not just for the body, but also for the mind. It encourages us to become grounded and enjoy life once again.

Echinacea has qualities of swiftness, protection and purification. Spiritually it welcomes change, it makes it easier to accept new changes, new abilities and new ways of seeing things.

Liquorice allows greater release of emotional blockages. (Physically one of its properties is a laxative!) It can help when there is difficulty in understanding the purpose of a relationship, or why one is in the relationship, or understanding each other. Liquorice can be useful when emotional blocks are preventing psychic abilities. It activates enthusiasm, urgency, and many other emotions.

Lavender has the spiritual property of creating greater states of relaxation in higher states, so is very beneficial when meditating. Lavender can be used to increase clarity in viewing the world, and to assist the evolution of one's spirit through life. The ultimate spiritual benefit of Lavender is to bring everyday actions into more association with God. Men will discover more gentleness and women will develop a great strength.

St Mary's Thistle stimulates forgiveness. It has a great cleansing effect on both the physical and emotional body. (This herb is known as a great liver cleanser - according to many traditions, the liver is where we hold all our emotions) A sense of loneliness can be eased and replaced with a feeling of oneness with others.

Lemon Balm brings peace to an individual, helps them to relax, release tensions and learn and understand lessons from the past.

Basil develops enthusiasm, which can be directed into spiritual awakening and deeper meditation. It enables one to know their emotions better and to make better choices. The emotions are brought into a greater sense of clarity and the greater purpose of life is sensed. Basil is known for protecting a seeker from fears one encounters when moving along a spiritual path.

Chamomile, while relaxing, helps one to find greater clarity in their life. Chamomile can be useful in relationships, being it business or personal, as it helps to create a closer understanding and empathy between people.

Fennel is for when you need grounding. And need to feel connected to the earth. The ability to open the heart will be enhanced, with an understanding that all people deserve love.

Nasturtium brings joy to the soul. It has a deep uplifting and lightening quality. It has a peaceful action, helping the individual find joy within themselves, enhancing the possibilities for peace on the planet.

Neither the spiritual nor the physical properties of herbs is to be undervalues. They go hand in hand. Healing with herbs, as with all types of medicined needs to take in consideration the whole person that is why there is such benefit to be gained. When the physical person is considered and their emotions and spirituality are taken into account, a great healing experience can occur.