22 April 2008


In this abundant planet we call our home we have been blessed with everything we need. Within nature we can find a cure for all that ails us. The human body is an amazing thing; it has an incredible ability to heal itself. Using natural therapies, the body can be assisted in this process. This is what Naturopathy is all about.

The main emphasis of wholistic healing is always to treat the whole person and to recognise that in their individuality. No two people are the same either in personality or in sickness.
Careful consideration is always given to the whole state of 'dis-ease'. The Naturopath always asks in-depth and sometimes seemingly irrelevant questions. The best solution to a problem is often found underlying the surface. The cause of the problem needs to be sought out and this can often be emotional, but all factors are taken into consideration. The best treatment comes from a full understanding of who the person being treated really is. The aim is not to just remove the symptoms, but to remove the cause of the problem. This is where a cure is to be found.

While a Naturopath cannot make legal claim to being a doctor, it is in the original meaning of the word that we find the best description of a Naturopath: A teacher. It is the role of a Naturopath to educate the patient on their health and how to heal themselves and to maintain their health. The Naturopath supports nature in its ability to heal, using natural substances to assist the body to heal itself.

Naturopathy incorporates many forms of natural and traditional healing: therapies such as Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Diet and Flower Essences, are amongst the most well known.

Homeopathy is a highly specialised form of natural medicine based on the concept of 'like cures like'. In other words a substance that is found to cause symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same symptoms that occur in a sick person. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources and diluted and potentised. The remedy may contain little or none of the original substance, but carries its energy and healing stimulating properties.

Homeopathy can treat all types of illness, chronic, acute and minor accidents. The remedy chosen needs to match the all over picture of the patient, everything is taken into account, personality, emotions, physical and mental symptoms and wellbeing. It is truly a wholistic therapy.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself and assists you to overcome your sickness. When being treated Homoeopathically it is common, for not just the symptoms to be relieved but to be feeling better all over.

Herbal Medicine The use of plants for healing goes back to the beginning of time. Over the centuries medicine women and men have developed their intuition and discovered the great powers of plants. This knowledge has been handed down through the generations and now proven by science. Many of the pharmaceutical drugs used today are based on traditional herbal medicine.

Diet and Nutrition is a fundamental part of any complete health program. In this modern world the foods we eat are no longer full of life giving nutrients and it is all too easy to grab for the easy to prepare processed foods. All in all, this means that the majority of people are deficient in nutrients and this, in turn, contributes to illness. Finding the right diet and the right nutrients to suit your individual needs can make a tremendous difference to your life.

Flower Essences are a wonderful addition to our health care. They help to rebalance our emotional, mental and spiritual lives. This can also assist in physical healing as well, as it reaches into the root of the cause of disease. The rebalancing of our lives is greatly enhanced by action of flower essences. Many people will testify that when all around them things were falling apart, a few drops of Rescue Remedy has helped them to hold things together and rise above the situation.

Natural medicine has a lot to offer each one of us. It incorporates all facets of our lives, helping us back on our own paths and helping us to fulfil our potential.